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The Company

Air Born Indonesia is a national private air charter company, established on December 9, 2010, with brand named Air Born.

The company was established out of concern for the limited air transport services at small cities in the Kalimantan Island also Kangean Island. The existence of Air Born Indonesia is to reflect the desire of shareholders and company executives to participate professionally in air charter transportation to serve the Mining, Oil, and Petroleum Company around the area.


Vision & Mission

To provide high quality and safe premium but cost effective Air charter services for the Mining, Oil and Petroleum Companies with professional services, comfort, and excellent safety standard.



To provide services for Mining, Oil & Petroleum companies as follows :

  • Long term Air Transport Services Contract for Mining, Oil and Petroleum Company (on-shore and off-shore operations).
  • Short term Air Transport Services Contract.
  • Spot Charter arrangements.
  • Medical Emergency Evacuation.
  • Spot Air Transport for VIP’s.
  • Aerial Survey.



President Commissioner : Sazahan Bin Mohamad Yassin
Commissioner : Ir. Andy Eldhini Anwar
    Mangantar S Marpaung
President Director : Jeffersen S. Supit
Managing Director : Andjar Wibawanun
Safety and Quality Manager : Harris Dian
Operation Manager : Capt. Tamtu Riyadi
Technical Manager : Hari Budi Utomo
HR and Training Manager : Aris Hadi Purwandi
Chief Pilot Fixed Wing : Capt. FX Tri Surjandaru
Chief Pilot Rotary Wing : Capt. Soemadi Poernomo
Chief Inspector : Dewanto Prabowo
Chief Maintenance : Moch. Khuzaimiy


Supporting Partner

Training Partner




Our crews are well trained in the world's leading aviation training, FlightSafety International Canada, PWN Excellence Malaysia, AgustaWestland Malaysia Training Academy to provide excellent safety standard.


Consortium Partner


We are providing air transportation service, AW 139, for Kangean Energy Indonesia incooperation with Weststar Aviation Indonesia.


Manintenance Partner


Air Born has a maintenance partner including technology, expertise and spare parts support with the most of the largest operator of Twin Otter in the world.

Our maintenance partner:

  • ST Aerospace, Singapore
  • Universal Turbine Parts, USA
  • Vector Aerospace, Australia
  • Pacific Turbine Brisbane, Australia
  • Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Canada
  • Team JAS, USA

This cooperation is expected to:

  • Able to maintain high dispatch reliability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Quality product oriented
  • Cost effective
  • Good planning
  • Excellent Safety Standard